Pest Control


Do you have spiders, ants, cockroaches or mice taking over your home? It’s time to send those unwelcome house guests packing and reclaim your home for you and your family. As seasoned rays2exterminators, Ray’s Termite & Pest Control will treat any pest epidemic that has plagued your home.

With the goal of controlling pests before they appear, Ray’s offers a variety of preventative treatment programs. For example, we treat the outside of your home to build a protective barrier that keeps bugs in their natural habitat, and you in yours…bug free.

We offer a convenient choice of monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment programs to fit the specific needs of each customer. Experience has shown the bimonthly treatment program to be especially effective in our low country environment.

Ray’s will provide services without requiring our customers to sign an ongoing contract. We do have competitive pest control contracts for ongoing maintenance services.

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Anytime I had a problem, Tim Merrell and Ray’s Pest Control always took care of my problem. - - Richie I.

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